High academic standards, a strong emphasis in developing important character traits, and the guidance to help you succeed are main elements of a Shoshoni school education.

Our Curriculum

The rigorous curriculum our students receive makes Shoshoni a great place to educate your child. We consistently exceed state and national standards in math, reading, language arts, and science.

We continually collect, organize, analyze, and report data from our district and statewide assessments, as well as other measures, to support school and program improvement and be publicly accountable to our school families and the community.

Professional Development

Because our students deserve the best, our teachers are engaged in regular professional development training. Professional development keeps teachers up-to-date on new research concerning how children learn, new curriculum resources, emerging technology tools for the classroom, and more. Our teachers learn from each other and other esteemed professionals to keep them connected and up-to-date with the latest information, which translates to an outstanding educational experience for all Shoshoni students.

Guidance & Counseling

Those in our Guidance Department work hard to help you succeed. We give you the resources you need to have a great high school experience, which will aid you in moving forward to college or the workplace. Do you need help planning your classes, or are you looking for financial aid? We’re help to help you every step of the way. For help, feel free to contact Amy Mason.

Hathaway Scholarship Program

The Hathaway Scholarship Program is available for Wyoming students to pursue post secondary education within the state of Wyoming. The program consists of four separate merit scholarships, each with specific eligibility requirements, and a need-based scholarship, which is a supplement to the merit awards for those who qualify.

Please visit us to learn more about this scholarship opportunity.