Rachel Rapp

Rachel Rapp , about 1 hour ago

Attention Wrangler Fans!

The Shoshoni High School Student Council has started an apparel fundraiser through FanCloth! If you're in need of some SHS gear (t-shirts, hoodies, blankets for FB games, camping chairs, shorts, athletic gear, hats, you name it!), please consider buying from StuCo's fundraiser! Not only will you get some great gear, but you'll also be supporting the Student Council! Most of our items can even be customized with your or your student's names and jersey numbers!

If you do purchase from our FanCloth shop, you will be asked to choose which StuCo member will receive the credit for your items (the students earn prizes based on how many items they sell!). In order to give your StuCo member credit, you just need to select their name from the drop down menu! If the StuCo member that you want to give credit to is not on the drop down menu yet, you just need to type their name into that same box, and they will be added.

Thank you for your continued support of SHS!

You can visit this link to shop:

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Shoshoni Schools

Shoshoni Schools , 1 day ago

UPDATE to post from this morning:
Good morning Wrangler Fans,

1. The JH football game on Thursday @ Wind River will kickoff at 4pm. The bus will leave at 2:45pm. The Varsity kickoff is still set for 7pm, and they will be leaving at 3:15pm to cheer on the JH team before their game!!

2. An update to the JH/Y volleyball matches at Lander on Saturday at Lander Middle School:
10:00 Lander 7B vs. Shoshoni 5/6 (3 sets to 25)
11:00 Lander 7A vs. Shoshoni B (3 sets to 25)
12:00 Lander 8A vs. Shoshoni A (3 sets to 25)

3. We have added a Youth Football game with the Lander youth football league (they just got started last week). We will play at home on Saturday, October 3rd at 12:30pm (HS plays Pine Bluffs at 2pm).

Have a great week and GO WRANGLERS!!!

Shoshoni Schools

Shoshoni Schools , 1 day ago

Hello Wrangler Fans,

It was a great week to be a Wrangler Fan. JH football beat Greybull and Saratoga in shutouts, Youth volleyball beat Meeteetse, HS football shutout Evanston's JV, and HS volleyball beat Greybull in 3 sets.

This week features the Wranglers and Cougars facing off 4 times. Students, Staff and Parents, let's show our support by filling the stands and out cheering their fans!! This week's events follow:

Monday, Sept. 21: PD Day for staff, no school for students
Eligibility Reestablish Day (D & F list will be run from IC in the morning and last week's ineligible students will be provided directions for reestablishment via email)

HS football JV @ Wind River--playing Saratoga at 4pm for a half, then Toga/WR will play a half, followed by SHO/WR for a half. The bus leaves at 2:15pm

School Board Meeting at 5:30pm

Tuesday, Sept. 22: D day (periods 2-6)
Youth football @ Thermopolis at 5:30pm (the bus leaves at 4:00pm)

Wednesday, Sept. 23: E day (periods 7-4)
no events

Thursday, Sept. 24: F day (periods 5-2)
JH football @ Wind River at 5pm (no youth game, the bus leaves at 3:15pm)

HS football @ Wind River at 7pm (the bus leaves at 4:15pm)

Friday, Sept. 25:
HS volleyball @ Riverside at 5 and 6 pm (the bus leaves at 1:15pm)

JH volleyball vs Dubois at 5:30 and 6:30pm
Game workers: clock--Sally Michelena book--Shawnna Gibbel lines--Brandi Rodriguez and Teresa DeWitt
COVID Screener: John Gibbel
Concessions: I need a group to take this
Admin on Duty: Ted Robinson

Saturday, Sept. 26:
JH and Youth volleyball @ Lander at 10 and 11am (the bus leaves at 8:15am)

HS volleyball vs Wind River at noon and 1pm
Game workers: clock--Sarah Jarvis book--Shawnna Gibbel lines--Sabrina Thoren and I need 1 more
COVID Screener: John Gibbel
Concessions: Senior Class
Admin on Duty: Bruce Thoren

Have a great week and GO WRANGLERS!!!

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Nicole Stone

Nicole Stone , 1 day ago

The Board of Trustees meeting is today, Monday, September 21, at 5:30 p.m. The following is the link to Board Docs which includes a link to attend via Zoom.

Marty Weber

Marty Weber , 1 day ago

Shoshoni Youth Football Itinerary at Thermopolis
Tuesday Sept. 22, 2020

- Tuesday Sept. 22, 2020
- Shoshoni Youth @ Thermopolis
- 5:30pm at the THS Football Field
- Bus will leave SHS at 4:30pm
- Bus will return to SHS between 7:15-7:30pm

- Players can ride home with parents if signed out after the game.

- Required Items:
- Socks/Shoes/Sweatshirt
- Football Uniform and Equipment
- Water Bottle
- Snacks

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