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In the News

Read all about it right here on our News page! Here you’ll find out about all of the great things going on in our Shoshoni schools. From awards and kudos to fundraisers and field trips, you’ll always be “in-the-loop.”

Kindness Week

Student council put on a kindness week this year to promote kindness in our school. The daily events included:

  • Monday - Post a friendly note on someone’s locker or door.
  • Tuesday - Send an email to someone to show your appreciation or thanks. 
  • Wednesday - Give someone you care about a valentine.
  • Thursday - Hold the door open for someone.
  • Friday - Make sure to say please and thank you!

Be sure and check out our kindness week videos. Thank you to our student council for reminding all of us that kindness begins with me!

Upcoming Student Council Activities

We have some exciting student council events coming up in May. Stay up-to-date and mark your calendars now so you don't miss out.

  • May 8 - Teacher Appreciation Day - We will provide breakfast for our staff.
  • May (date to be announced) - Town Clean-up
  • May (date to be announced) - Student Council Elections
  • May (date to be announced) - Senior Scholarships

Wrangler 2018 Yearbook

The Wrangler 2018 Yearbook is now available for order!

Yearbook prices:

  • Secondary copy - $35.00
  • Elementary copy - $10.00

The high school and elementary offices are taking all yearbook orders and payments. Please submit your payment at time of order. We do not guarantee surplus yearbook copies in the fall, so pre-order your yearbooks now. 

We will deliver The Wrangler 2018 Yearbooks in the fall of 2018.