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Welcome to Shoshoni Schools

Welcome to the Shoshoni Wrangler website. Learning and fun go hand in hand in our pre-K through 12th grade classrooms. We are a tight-knit community of hard working, hard playing, success-oriented individuals who work together to bring about the academic and personal success of every student in our care. Please visit the pages on this website to learn more about us.

A Message from Our Superintendent

Spring is in the air, track season has started, and we are already beginning to make plans for the the next school year. There are quite a few things that we need to address and have begun putting plans in place.

The new federal Every Student Succeeds ACT (ESSA) has actually provided some changes to positively impact instruction, assessment, and classroom teachers. A very good synopsis of ESSA is available online.

Through the work of the state of Wyoming legislators and the Wyoming Department of Education we will have further requirements in computer science. We are working hard to address the full requirements of the law and must be fully implemented by the 2022 school year. We currently have about one-third of our teaching staff attending professional development this summer through the University of Wyoming or More information is available on the WDE website

The recent national NAEP test scores shows that Wyoming students are out pacing the nation! Congratulations to all of our high quality teachers and the fabulous job they are doing with Shoshoni students. For more information about the NAEP scores, check out the article at WDE.

We are pushing hard the last seven weeks of school. Juniors have taken the ACT and feel pretty good about how they did. We won’t see those results for likely four weeks. All of the rest of the students will be taking the new WY-TOPP summative assessment for the state test. We have seen some excellent results in some of our classes that have taken advantage of the WY-TOPP interim and modular assessments. We are anticipating good results on the WY-TOPP assessment from our quality students!

Enjoy your spring. Summer is just around the corner.

Bruce Thoren

Bruce Thoren