Shoshoni Schools Fremont County School District #24
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Welcome to Shoshoni Schools

Welcome to the Shoshoni Wrangler website. Learning and fun go hand in hand in our pre-K through 12th grade classrooms. We are a tight-knit community of hard working, hard playing, success-oriented individuals who work together to bring about the academic and personal success of every student in our care. Please visit the pages on this website to learn more about us.

A Message from Our Superintendent

Dear Parents and Students,

Our school district recently went through the AdvancEd accreditation process. This process brings a team of external reviewers into the district to evaluate how we compare to other schools across the state, nation, and world.

I am happy to report that Fremont County School District #24 ranked exceptionally well compared to other schools and districts. Our district’s overall Index of Education Quality (IEQ) score of 316.26 is the third highest in the state of all 36 districts reviewed in the last three years and is 41 points higher than the AdvancED average IEQ score.

In the domain of Teaching and Learning Impact, our district’s score of 311.11 is the second highest in the state out of 36 districts reviewed in the last three years and is 42 points higher than the AdvancED average IEQ score for Teaching and Learning. 

We are very blessed to have such a wonderful caring staff, parents, school board, and administration that puts students first in the business of education. External entities resoundingly verified Shoshoni Schools’ commitment to our students and climate.

Thanks for all you do!

Bruce Thoren

Bruce Thoren