We are proud of our Wranglers and their extraordinary accomplishments. Shoshoni schools educates the whole child from pre-kindergarten through high school, giving each one a solid foundation on which to a build a bright and prosperous future.

We Believe

Integrity. Hard work. Tolerance. Personal best. Respect. Goals. Freedom of Choice. Responsibility.

In Shoshoni we believe...

  • That each individual has the right to and responsibility for creating and maintaining a physically and psychologically safe and drug-free school environment
  • That shared ownership of the learning process among students, parents/guardians, educators, and the community is imperative
  • That every individual should perform to his/her personal best
  • That each individual has freedom of choice and responsibility for the resulting consequences
  • That students need to complete high school prepared to continue learning and to earn a living
  • That the virtues of honesty, integrity, tolerance, and hard work are vital to character development and are specifically taught and universally practiced in our school
  • That it is essential to provide quality education for all students and discriminate against none
  • That meeting the needs of the individual student is our ultimate purpose
  • That students deserve a stimulating learning environment that affords them the opportunity to develop their own educational plans based on personal desires, talents, and goals
  • That education is a life-long process and not limited to the traditional school setting
  • That providing meaningful learning activities and tools relevant to individual interests and needs will prepare students for life's challenges
  • That embracing change is essential for growth
  • That education broadens perspective, deepens understanding, and heightens appreciation for diversity
  • That the community has the responsibility to educate and guide its children
  • That reward, recognition, respect, and reinforcement benefit everyone
  • That all people have intrinsic worth and deserve respect
  • That teacher and student self-esteem is a primary educational imperative
  • That without learning there is no teaching