Shoshoni Schools Fremont County School District #24

Little Wranglers Early Learning Center

Way to Grow!

The facts are in! School readiness cannot wait until kindergarten! Learning earlier is learning better!

Between the ages of three and five children are eager to learn. Research has shown that this is the most important time in a child’s development -- when the brain and body form connections essential for future learning and healthy physical growth. 

During the first five years of life, children learn:

  • Pride and confidence in themselves
  • Appropriate behavior and respect for others
  • Build foundational skills to learn to read, write, and understand math
  • The basics of language
  • Coordination and balance

Now is the time they get to know their world, make new friends, and learn important lessons for life!


The Little Wrangler Early Learning Center exists to complement the education objectives of FCSD #24 and provide a safe, encouraging, developmentally appropriate environment for children ages 3-5. Our focus is to provide high-quality stimulating opportunities and care that nurtures young minds with experiences which promote each child’s social/emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our goal is to support children’s desire to be lifelong learners, benefitting our students, staff, families, and the larger community.


Due to the budget changes in education in the state of WY, FCSD #24 is reviewing all of the current opportunities that we provide our children.  We are prioritizing student opportunities to have a minimal impact on student learning. Very fortunately, our district was awarded a Career Technical Education (CTE) grant that addresses early childhood education, which will allow us to continue to provide educational opportunities for our youngest learners. The grant is a seed grant which gives us the necessary finances for the outset of the program, and the program will be self-sustaining through tuition thereafter. It will expand our current preschool offerings to include an early learning center for children ages 3-5, utilize state funded family support programs, and it will provide an early childhood pathway at our high school. The early childhood pathway will allow our interested HS students to take college-level courses in education and earn hours towards a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential.


Little Wrangler Early Learning Center

  • Healthy, safe, consistent, caring environment for children ages 3-5 
  • Half-day or school day options
  • Differentiated based on student age/development
  • Scholastic program
    • Educational opportunities through early learning curriculum
    • Developmental and age appropriate learning activities throughout each day
      • Language & Literacy
      • Early Math & Reading Readiness
      • Music & Movement
      • Problem Solving
      • Science & Technology
      • Cooperative Learning
      • Creative Arts & Fine Motor 
      • Outdoor & Playground Gross Motor
      • Social Skills & Character Based Learning

Early Childhood Education Career/Technical Pathway for HS Students

  • Students can earn up to 15 college credits through our partnership with CWC
  • Gain exposure to a career in education
  • Earn child contact hours in Little Wrangler Early Learning Center towards a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential, which is an industry-recognized credential leading to employment opportunities
  • Apply learned skills in a practical early childhood setting with mentoring and guidance from an Early Childhood Instructor