Shoshoni Schools Fremont County School District #24

Student Council

Our student council is actively involved in many events throughout the school year. We have a great time while serving our student body and making our school and community the best it can be. 

2016-2017 Student Council Members

School Officers
President - Tammy Maddock
Vice President - Simon Lutz
Secretary - Ashley Steffen
Treasurer - Kaden Bloomquist
Media Reporter - Rachel Goff
Reporter - Brianna Thompson
School Representative - JJ Pingetzer
Board Representative - Patrick Cornell

12th Grade Officers
President - Anthony Couisneau
Vice President - Jason Thoren
Secretary - Emily Kusel
Treasurer - Allee Berg
Class Representative - Paige Kusel

11th Grade Officers
President - Brooks Woody
Secretary - Dorothy Conway
Class Representative - Tristen Boysen

10 Grade Officers
President - Meleah Parrish
Vice President - Kadin Brink
Treasurer - Sydney Parazoo
Secretary - Lisa Hoffman
Class Representative - Carol Byer

9th Grade Officers
President - Wirthe Pingetzer
Vice President - Kodi Christensen
Treasurer - Colton Stone
Class Representative - Kadon DeWitt

8th Grade Officers
President - Tara Maddock
Vice President - Tryston Truempler
Treasurer - Kelsey Parrish
Secretary - Cloe Ramsey
Class Representative - Cheyenne Thompson

7th Grade Officers
President - Megan Gardner
Vice President - Conor Christensen
Class Representative - Corlee Howard

Other Members
Mary Kleven
Megan Fender

Activities & Events

We’re busy! From cleaning up the town to helping with dances, we’re spending our high school years doing good things and making great memories. Some of the activities and events we participate in are:

  • Homecoming activities, parade, and dance
  • Help with JH dances
  • Sports/Recognition assemblies
  • Wish week (tree auction)
  • Morning announcements
  • Town clean-up
  • Teacher appreciation
  • Last day of school activities
  • Attend WASC (Wyoming Association of Student Council) convention
  • Attend state student council summit meetings
  • Scholarships