Shoshoni Schools Fremont County School District #24

New School Site

As we move ahead with the construction of our new school site, we hope that you will find any information you need on this page. We hope that you are all as excited about this new endeavor as we are!


A study was conducted by the Wyoming School Facilities Department (SFD) in 2010-2011 that considered three scenarios to remedy the facility needs of Fremont County School District #24:

  1. Bringing the building up to ADA code at a cost of $16,305,083
  2. Renovating and remodeling the existing building at a cost of $23,025,492
  3. New construction $22,214,871

    Based on the above cost estimates, it was determined by the FCSD24 Board of Trustees and the SFD that the most cost effective remedy was new construction.

    • Governor Matt Meade allocated up to $45,000,000 in the 2012 biennium budget for design and construction of a new K-12 school in Shoshoni.
    • The actual construction cost and size of the new school will depend greatly on projected student enrollment.
    • The state funds school construction with coal lease bonus money, federal mineral royalties, and state royalties.
    • The money does not come from a local tax base, and your taxes will not be affected by construction costs.
    • Wyoming statute requires stakeholder involvement throughout the process of new school construction.
    • An advisory committee was formed with representation from town, the valley, and Lysite/Lost Cabin. Members on the committee include parents, local business representatives, senior citizens, board members, school administrators, and community members at large.
    • The advisory committee reviewed potential sites for school construction and made a recommendation to the school board and SFD. The final site location approval comes from the SFD.
    • All new school construction meetings are advertised, and we encourage the entire community to participate.
    • At the June 18 board of trustees meeting, the FCSD24 Board of Trustees took action to purchase approximately 70 acres in the "Greenough" addition on the north side of Shoshoni.
    • On July 19, the School Facilities Commission (SFC) took action to develop a formal purchase contract which will provide the district with the funding to purchase the 70 acres for the new school site.
    • On July 24, FCSD24 representatives closed on the new property.
    • Construction of utilities and roads began in June of 2014
    • Construction the building began in January of 2015
    • Expected completion date of the project is July 1, 2016

    The Fremont County School District #24 Board of Trustees is currently soliciting ideas and interest for the current school location and facilities. The district has a contract in place to demolish all existing facilities currently in place and leave the site in a park like setting.

    The board would like to sale the current property to help fund additional facilities needed at the new site that are not covered under the SFD funding guidelines. These additional facilities include; track equipment needed for our new track, a maintenance facility, a track equipment storage building, concessions and crow's nest building at the football field, and possibly other field enhancements. If you have an interest in all or parts of the current school property, please call the school administration building at (307) 876-2583.